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Receiver vs. Speakers

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I'm thinking of picking up either the Onkyo 706 or 806 receiver. But from there I really have no idea of where to even begin looking for speakers. I'm not really looking for speaker recommendations, but more for an idea of what speakers would be better suited for each receiver. I don't even have a ball park idea of what the difference would be between two (100w vs. 130w) and what price range would make sense with the increased power.

If anyone got through my rambling and has any help at all I'd love to hear it.
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There will only be a 10 log (130/100) = 1.1 dB difference between those receivers...not really much of a difference. You can start to really hear a difference when you start talking about 3 dB (100 watts vs 200 watts) differences between the same line of receivers/amplifiers.

"Loudness discrimination:

Minimum noticeable changes in loudness vary from about 0.15 dB to about 10 dB, depending on the type of signal. 3/4 dB to 1 dB is probably a practical increment. Loudness is a tricky parameter for carrying information, since our perception of it is very sensitive to context, and we have poor memory for loudness levels. 3/4 to 1 dB discrimination, over a 60 dB range, suggests 45-60 discriminable loudness levels. " from: http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~odonn...erception.html
Good to know and thanks for the response. Keeping that in mind, should I be aiming high or low with the speakers. Say I get the 806. Should I get speakers with a range up to 100 watts, 130, or 200. I'd assume I'd want speakers capable of handling more, but I'd rather be sure.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on speakers I should start my search with?
There is not need to take into consideration the rated power handling of the speakers. That area is extremely gray especially when comparing one manufacturer's power spec vs another's.

I guess you can ask the speaker recommendation in the speaker section...you'll get more answers than here.

What is your price range?

Do you have or are you planning on getting a sub too?
To be honest, I'm not really sure what my range is. I'm thinking no more that $1000 for the speakers + sub. With that range would I even be getting the most out of the receiver, or should I be sticking to the 606?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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