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I'm thinking of putting in a screen and projector. I want to install the screen in front of my entertainment center in the living room that holds our 46" Samsung.

I'm thinking for getting the Epson 3010 so that we can have 3D as well.

I assume a receiver that has 2 HDMI outputs (one to the TV, the other to the projector) is needed to do this. What 3D capable receivers have 2 HDMI outputs?

So far I have found the Onkyo TX-NR515, TX-NR616, and TR-NX709.

I'd like to keep it at around $500, maybe 100w per channel. Onkyo and Pioneer have treated me well in the past. Sony - not so much. Wife despises Sony products anyway and I'm trying to put together a pitch for her. Something like... early Christmas present... upgrade time(our Samsung is 5 years old)... Hugh Jackman shirtless on a 100 inch screen... Tom Hiddleston in 3D on a 100 inch screen...etc.

Gotta get the wife on board somehow!
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