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Receiver with powered Zone 2 and unpowered Zone 3 out

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Hello all,

Haven't been on this forum for years. Have a problem, my current 7.1 receiver is dying. This is my 3rd Yamaha RX V1500, it is shutting down periodically throughout the day. The key feature I need to find in a new receiver is the fact that the Yamaha had a powered Zone 2 and an unpowered Zone 3 out. I use the Powered Zone 2 for speakers on my front porch. I send the Zone 3 out to an AudioSource Amp-100, which powers 2 sets of speakers on my back patio.


Looking for a new receiver that will do the same, power for Zone 2 and send a signal for Zone 3. Is there anything out there that will accomplish this, but not for $1000+? Really wanting to stay under $500.


Thanks for all your help,

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You can likely find maybe a 2-3 year old mid level model in the < $500 range, otherwise nothing current.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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