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I am looking for a receiver and am having a hard time finding feature details.

The unit would serve as sound for an LCD TV/blu-ray player. 5.1 is fine - this is not the main "TV" room will not have 7.1.

Since I am in an area with virtually no FM reception, I would like to have an iPod connection and Sirius radio compatibility. I see some models (such as Onkyo) which mention these features, but some talk about "direct USB" and optional docks. I cannot figure out which, if any, allow for iPod control through the unit/attached TV, or if all control needs to be done via the iPod.

Are there any relatively inexpensive units ($300-400 range) that have:

-"real" iPod connectivity

- Sirius radio built-in

- 5.1

bonus features (desired but not required) would be:


- 2nd zone

Any suggestions?
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