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A close friend of mine spent a few hours at my home the other night, and now I think he's HOOKED!!!

He just bought a new Toshiba 36AF41 36-inch Color TV.

Now he is out looking for a DVD player.

I suggested these 2 to him.

Toshiba SD3750 or the Panasonic RP56.

For speakers I recommended Paradigm.

We will probably look at these next week.


The receiver.

He doesn't want to spend a pile of cash, but he doesn't want to be upgrading in the next year.

What do you guys recommend?

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They have a great sounding 6.1 receiver for only $599. Definitely the best deal around right now. The catch, outlaw is only available on-line, no store to go listen to the product in. However, it is worth the risk of return shipping (should your friend find the sound unacceptable) for this receiver.


I don't think I could bring myself to buying something over the net that I couldn't put my hands on first.

Thanx for the suggestion.

I was looking more along the lines of Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Kenwood or Yamaha.

It's been a while since I have shopped around.

Just want to know what you guys are buying so I know where to look!


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Too bad because the 1050 has been reduced to $499. and it surpasses other receivers that cost $1000. or more. Check out the reviews on the www.outlawaudio.com site. The receiver got raves. All you don't have to pay for is the big retail markup.
Well, if he doesn't get the 'bug', he'll be happy for years with the Outlaw or other receivers between $500 and $1000 from Onkyo or Denon. If he gets the 'bug', there is no hope and he will spend a pile of cash no matter what.
The DVD Players you have chosen look good,but also consider the Sony NP700 it has Progressive outs and it is only $349 MSRP.

Receiver options for about $1000:

Denon 3802

Harman Kardon 520

Onkyo 787

Under $750:

Denon 2802

Harman Kardon 310

Onkyo 595

Under $500:

Sony STR DB1040 or 940

These are just suggestions and a ggo place to start

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