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Receivers/Controlers that have HDMI 1.3a, TrueHD, and good DACs

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I've searched and researched and fumbled around looking for a reciever or controller to be somewhat future proof, and still have a decent price, but come up with more frustration than anything. So I'm asking the guru's out here on avsforum for some guidance. Here's what I need - I'm setting up to run with BD media. I've stayed out until now knowing that the war wasn't over. Well I figure it ended with the WB deal. So I ordered a PS3, but I don't have an hdmi reciever. Here's what I've got:

Optoma HD32 (720p) projector

Integra 7.4 Reciever (going to sell this)

Carver av-806 6channel amp

Wharfedale Pacific Evo Front, Center, Surr

Some crap Pioneer rear bookshelves (currently powered by the receiver)

Denon 2910






I've looked at the following

Integra DTC 9.4 - nice, but too much $$ I think right now

Onkyo 705 - good, but some are getting overheating issues, and weird qc problems

Onkyo 605 - good, but no preouts

Denon 2308 - good, but still no preouts

Denon 2808 - good, but this is near as much as the DTC - so i'd rather have that

Pioneer Elite 92 - again cost is up there.

Onkyo Pro 9.4 - same as Integra DTC

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

It seems I'd be fine if the scaler was a Faroudja DCDi, the Reon might be too much for a 720p projector, but some day I will have a 1080p.

Is there a cheaper reciever (as i don't need the power amp to be good) that has a decent scaler and preout? The denon 2308 would be perfect if it had a preout.

Crazy thing is I'm leaning toward the overkill DTC 9.4, but I really shouldn't spend that much. I don't like spending money on a receiver when all I need is a decent controller out of one of these mid range receivers.

Is there some controller out there that does this?
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Why not look at the Integra 9.8/Onkyo 885 since they are both pre-amps and not recievers. Seems like there is no reason for you to buy a receiver since you will be running an external amp.
That's what I'm thinking, just that the features on the Integra/Onkyo are likely more than I need.

Honestly Denon 2808 has basically what I need and still costs less with an amp in it.

The Onkyo 705 has issues with av sync that is bothering me, and heat issues, though I don't know if i used my amp with the preouts if that would still heat up.

Are there any preamps that come in less than $1600 at all? I'm just not all that comfortable with spending so much at this time.

Maybe I just need to wait a little. Can someone convince me I need a DTC 9.4?
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Honestly, I would wait then. You are obviously going to have improved SQ going with a seperate like the 9.8/885.

If you feel like you have to have something today I would look at something from Yamaha. Maybe the 1800? They are regarded as being the best receivers to be used as a pre-amp. Audioholics did a review praising them as a way to achieve very reasonably priced seperate perferomance. The Yamaha to your amp should be a good combo.
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