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Receivers video inputs noob question

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I was not really sure what forum to post my questions in so figured this would be a good place to start.

My old Sony home theater system is starting to have problems so I am looking into a new setup.

Originally I wanted to build a HTPC but the cost is going to be more than a fairly nice home theater setup.

After reading thru the forums for the past couple days I have picked out the Athena Micra 6 speakers, as for the rest many questions started popping up.

Also I am going to purchase a 42" Flat screen TV (which I have not picked out yet).

The other components of my setup will probably be a DVD player and digital video recording device.


Do receivers have the ability to be the "control point" for all the equipment, kind of like a HTPC with On Screen guides?

What are the benefits of the video inputs on a receiver?

Would like to get an audio/video setup that is easy to controller for my wife, are there any manufacturers that are preferred over the other for easy of use?

Sorry if the questions are kind of vague.
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Receivers can act as a control "switching" point.

To make it easy on your wife, look into a universal remote with macros or a Harmony remote to simplify things. You can buy previous generations Harmony remotes pretty cheap online.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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