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receivers with component video upconversion working with PAL & SECAM signals ?

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Short question :

I am wondering if the composite to component and s-video to component upconversion present in high-end receivers, such as the Yamaha RX-Z1, works only with NTSC signals, or if it also works with PAL & SECAM signals. If you tried it, would you please post with which source, and whether it worked or not ?

Long story :

In my current home theater, I have video sources with several types of signal : NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

I use a Yamaha RX-V995 to switch sources. My projector, a Sanyo PLV-Z1, is able to handle any type of signal using the composite and s-video inputs.

Last week, I acquired a Samsung SIR-T165 HDTV set top box from Amazon. It is the first piece of equipment in my home theater that has a component video output (my DVD player is a Panasonic RV60, a european model , which has an RGB SCART output, but no component output, so I have just been using s-video with it).

The SIR-T165 STB has a built-in scaler which allows upconverting composite and s-video signals to component video. I hooked up the STB's component output to my projector's component input; and my Yamaha receiver's S-video monitor OUT to the s-video IN of the Samsung STB.

However, I found out that the SIR-T165's component video upconversion only works with NTSC signal sources. With PAL & SECAM sources, it just says "no signal". This is particularly annoying for DVD, since the setup menu in my DVD player is in PAL.

I was hoping to use component video for everything with this new scaler, but it presents a usability issue since I now have to switch from component to s-video inputs on my projector if I'm watching a PAL DVD or a PAL/SECAM VHS tape.

Also, the Samsung STB runs quite hot, and in 4:3 mode inserts grey bars on the side, which are completely inappropriate for my 120" projection screen.

So at the time, I have reconnected the Yamaha receiver's s-video out to the projector, and continue to use s-video for everything, except if I'm watching HDTV on the STB, in which case I switch the projector to the component input.

Since other products offer component video upconversion, I want to know if they also have the same problem of only working with NTSC signals.
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Well, I have no clue concerning Yamaha, but video conversion definitely works with PAL signal in my 49TXi receiver.
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