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Receivers with detachable power cord...

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Just got a new receiver with a detachable cord. I know there are aftermarket cords that are supposed to be superior. What are your opinions on if they can make an audible difference in power or audio quality? If so, how much does one that makes a difference cost?

The receiver draws 420 watts; does the amount of power draw factor into this?
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Talk about something that's hotly debated! I was firmly in the camp that believes it can't have sonic impact, but now I'm not so sure. I'm going to try it out and see for myself. With a 60 day trial period, I have little to lose, but just became curious during the reading of this thread. You'll find a link to a power cord maker that has a good reputation, but doesn't charge an arm and a leg. To be honest, my expectations aren't that high. Then again, I have a healthy respect for some of the posters in the thread, so I'm going to keep an open mind.
Hi and congrats on your new receiver!

Yes, this topic is always very much debated. I was skeptical also, but now I'm a true believer. In fact, I now have Purist Audio Design PCs, a Shunyata Python, and PS Audio PCs amongst others. It all started with a Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler which is a very nice cable to try. Another good cable is Shunyata's Diamondback which often sells for
and you may need to change all the wiring in the walls to exactly impedence match your receiver. If that doesn't help, the power company may be feeding your house slightly out of phase, and you have to put in your own generation system.

My actual point is that the power cord is just the last 2 feet in a system you have no control over. If you believe the sound is better, then by all means change the cord, but is it really any different?
The only way I can see the cord making any difference at all of it is between a receiver and a power conditioner. Plugged into the wall it is exactly as stated - 3 feet of hundreds of feet of wire.
I am not sure if I would worry about upgrading a power cord, while still in the receiver phase of HT/audio, just because while it does make a difference, you aren't really at the reference level or even close, and so I would question whether it was audible.

You could always try one, and hear that way, but I got retentive one time and tried cords all the way into the 600 for 1.5 meter and found that I had allot of trouble hearing that being any better then a nitch brand that was nly 25 bucks, in fact nobody I had listen could hear it. The guy who makes this cord, makes very nice speaker cables, and mono block amps for 10k a pair, and his speaker cables were at 2 levels, with a 4 meter of his cheaper one's being 425 and his better being 750, they outperformedn anything else that was under 1200 bucks, and I tried 10 types between in my home. His speaker cables were also the smallest in diameter of all I tried whcih my wife liked, so when I looked for power cables and this guy that makes everything else high end, but very well for his cost point had only a 25 buck power cord, I asked the manager to ask him why? He said that was because beyond what would cost 25 bucks to sell retail , he said there was nothing else that you could do to make your power better given you still came out of the same crappy wall, and street you did, and after hearing his amps and speaker cables, that was enough for me.

The guy is named Mr Brown, and his called BEL or Brown Electronics Labratories, and if you ever get a chance to hear his speaker cables, you will buy and his amps are either 200 into 8 as a mono, with each pair hand tuned, or 50 watts by2 in stereo.
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Here are some links to threads on Audio Asylum's Cable Asylum...very interesting reading:

Recent "How is it that Power Cords can make a sonic difference" thread

Ahh yes, the good old "Miles and Miles" theory. Here is a link to Mr. Jon Risch's reply to that. Also, if you click on the 'Power Cord Sound' link at the top of the page, you will be taken to the entire thread:
Power Cords and Mr. Risch's reply

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I personally like the sand in the CD tweak. I read it on the internet, it must be true.

For a second, assuming that power cords can impart a sonic difference, I would still say that there are plenty of other places to spend money that will impart a far more significant improvement when one is "in the receiver stage" of this hobby. In order of importance;

1) The Room - the most important, and most over looked component

2) Speakers

3) Electronics

Agreed with your list. And yes, I also use the Auric Illuminator on my DVDs and CDs. There is also Yamamura's Q-151 CD coating/cleaning solution. Wait until you find out what's in that clear bottle!

Swampfox, et al,

Thanks for your responses. This is kind of what I expected. Maybe now I'll throw up a post about power conditioner units and the audible effects/benefits of them! No, I won't really.

It does seem odd to spend a load of money on a cord for a $600 receiver(DA4ES). I just saw that the cord was replaceable and wondered.

Yes, my room is terrible for audio. Pretty much a square. My speakers are pretty good, though, and I have the Panny RP91 DVD Audio player, so I think that is decent equipment.

Maybe after I get this system all set up I'll spring $60 or so for a Venhaus cord and see what gives.
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I just checked my clock radio and it also has a removable power cord. The radio is a little "tinny" sounding from the 2" paper cone speaker. Do you think replacing the power cord will help me?:p
Originally posted by Mit07
I just checked my clock radio and it also has a removable power cord. The radio is a little "tinny" sounding from the 2" paper cone speaker. Do you think replacing the power cord will help me?:p
Maybe, but if you're married it will make time more forward and in your face.

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