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Hi all,

I'm a recent HD upgrder - TV, Receiver, blu-ray player. I've kept my 15-yr old speakers though - Mirage M5-si, and MC-si Center, in-wall surrounds. We moved the Mirage PS-12-180 sub into the basement and set up a smaller scale HT when the baby was born 7 years ago. All the upgrades are back in the family room - time for mom and dad to come out of hiding and for the whole family to enjoy Kung Fu Panda in HD and TrueHD.

I love the old Mirages and they server our largeish fam room (17x24, cathedral ceilings) well. Question is what to do about a sub.

The ps-12-180 always seemed fine. Had plunty of punch and volume. The neighbors (1/2 acre lots) told me they could tell when we were watching Jurrasic Pak as the water in their glasses would ripple. The basement still needs a sub too, so that begs the question - what room do I buy a new sub for and what?

15 years is a long time. What makes a new subwoofer great. The PS-12-180 seemed fine, biut of course, I don't know what I don't know. I can update with a good sub and leave the 180 in the bsmt, or move the 180 back with the other Mirages and get a new, smaller sub for the bsmt.

So what do you think. If you have an experience with the Mirage 180 sub, what did you think of it, how do you think it would compare to a modern sub?

Budget is already crushed, so it would have to be a modest sub - ED, SVS, AV123, Mirage....$500 ish. Will much be gained by adding a new sub to the fam room HT, or not? Then I could save $$$ and get lesser for the bsmt. Don;t want to short-change the main HT though, so what do you think. Is new and modern that much better?

We usually listen at -30db to -15db. Louder is really very loud with most sources, even in our room. Never been higher than -10db with the new gear.

Other components in the room are - Pioneer 6020 Plasma, Pioneer SC-07 Receiver, Panasonic db35 blu-ray, Mirage M5-si bipolar and MC-si speakers...and maybe the PS-12-180 sub again

Thanks for the comments. With more and more of the specialty stores being displaced by the big box stores with their limited product selections and staff knowledge, forums like this are invaluable.

Happy NY,


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Driver technology has improved alot in the past 15 years, so there are some really great subs out there. But i won't blow smoke at you and say can improve upon your current Mirage by much with $500. An SVS PB-12 for $599 would be my recommendation and i really couldn't say it would perform better than your Mirage, but IMO it's the most sub for $599 available barring used or DIY. Hope this helps

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