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Has there been a change in scanning behavior--at least, with respect to Blu-ray rips--since 9.11? My scraper is IMDB. I have local .nfos and run XP Home on a Revo 1600.


When using 9.11, I stored the .nfo files in the BDMV\\STREAM directory, together with the .m2ts itself (remuxed to a single file within full folder structure). After a new rip, I had XBMC scan the entire drive for new stuff. It worked fine, with Movie Information pointing to the .m2ts.


After adding the Crystal HD, I updated XBMC. Both the trunk (r27595?) and Ikon's GL version (r28312) play existing movies fine, but can't identify new BD rips. Instead of finding the .m2ts, they latch onto the .mpls (sometimes even one that does not exist!), which they misidentify. They do the same all the way through the drive, so I wind up with multiple useless entries for some Bollywood product (Shabadevi?) I don't have. Worse, they can't even play what they find. I've moved the .nfo files around without effect. (All other rips are stored in single-level folders and have no such problem.)

I have reverted to 9.11. For BDs, I have to use an external player (MPC-HC). I'd rather play them "natively," but it's more important that the library be right. Have recent builds changed something specific to BDs are are they just broken?

Thanks for any help.

P.S. I already posted this in the dedicated Revo thread.
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