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Recently Purchased Samsung hlp5663w. Black Line

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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a Samsung hlp5663w 56" DLP off of craigslist and after bringing it home I found it has this black line on the left. The picture looks great and the bulb has ~1800 hours on it along with a color wheel that was replaced last year. I tried going into the service menu to see if there is some settings I could change but I don't really know what I am doing. It seems like the projector gun is slightly off and is cutting the picture off on the right by a inch or two. Here is some pictures to illustrate the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

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I can't remember if you can shift the picture that direction in service mode or not.

If you can do it that way, if not then the light engine will probably need to be adjusted.
Do you mean physically adjust the light engine
I have this to supplement the pics too if it helps
Do you know how to get into service mode? If not, just search on here for it. I just don't remember as it has been a year or two since I did it.

I know there were pic alignment settings, but I can't remember for sure what they did.

I had a HLR that yes I had to physically align the whole light engine - there were adjustment screws on that model.

I have a service manual of sorts for the HLP model, but it doesn't go into that or really any depth at all.
Yeah I went into service mode but couldn't find the exact setting to move it.
Dark areas to one side or top or bottom require adjustment or replacement of the light tunnel which is a $50 part. One adjustment screw is easy to reach the other is not. Count the turns if you do make changes as if the tunnel is bad then you want to get back to the factory settings for the tunnel.

The entire light engine does not need to be replaced to effect a repair.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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