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reception woes on an HR 10-250

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My antenna is combined with one of the satellite cables to feed my HR 10-250.

If I unplug the cable from satellite in on the receiver, then I get near 90% signal on each channel. As soon as I plug the satellite cable back in. It drops to around 60 on most channels and I lose it all together on others.

I would prefer not to separate the cable where they are combined in the attic.

Is there a device, filter, trap, amp, or something that might resolve the problem?

I appreciate any help on this.
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Might have a diplexor going bad, I'd start with those. You really should consider running another cable anyway if you have any intention of going to MPEG4 in the future, can't diplex with that system.
is the diplexer the splitter looking thing that combines the two?

And what about MPEG4 would keep them from being on the same cable, I thought they were on different frequencies?

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, it's the device that looks like a splitter. As for MPEG4, part of the KA band is shifted to a range that steps on UHF/VHF broadcasts so you can't combine the two anymore.
do you have a recommendation on a diplexer that I can get that might resolve the problem?

And other than swapping out the diplexer, an running another cable, is there anything else I can try to troublehoot this or increase the signal after its connected to the satelite input?


Thanks again for your assistance.
Nope, you'll have to run a seprate drop for that cable. (Elimnating the diplexer)
when i went to get a new diplexer, I noticed on the back that you need one on both ends.

who knew? :) I feel kinda stupid but everything is working a million times better.

Thanks for all your help.
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