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I have had my Pioneer vsx-519k for just a little over 2 years. It is an entry-level receiver but it gets the job done for me since all i do is watch a few movies with it and have a basic speaker system with it.

Anyway, I was watching a movie with the wife the other night and paused it about halfway through, my wife came back in the room and I hit "play" on the bluray...then I heard a pop through the speakers and the receiver went totally dead.

Obviously this is outside the Pioneer warranty. I contacted Pioneers customer service center but all they could do was point me to the nearest approved Pioneer electronics repair shop(I could have figured that out on my own). I am a little disapointed with Pioneers response but I shouldnt be too suprised, it is not in warranty afterall. However, I only use this receiver maybe 2-3 times a month...at most...i sure thought I would have had this thing for many more years.

Im wondering if anyone has any idea of what might have blown and if you do, is it cost effective to try to fix a cheap receiver like this or just save up and get another one.

What sucks is that I almost had enough saved up to get a subwoofer for my system, which up until this point, I had prided myself on building a budget system.

I have enjoyed my pioneer up until this point, but I highly doubt I will get another one if I do end up having to get a new receiver.
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