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Reciever recomendations.

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Putting together a sound system for my basement and running out of money so i cant spend much more than $400 for a reciever. Have 4 polk audio tc series in wall speakers, no center yet and no sub. Have a pioneer upconvert dvd player and a 52"zenith LCD without hdmi. Was wondering what reciever in the price range could power my speakers effectively?? Was looking at some cheaper models like Sony STRDG510 or the pioneer VSX-517-K.
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The Yamaha RX-V661 might be a good choice. It retails a little higher than your budget, but you might be able to find a good deal on one if you shop around. If you don't mind a used receiver there some Denon receivers on audiogon.
I actually just replaced my Sony STRDG510 with a Pioneer receiver. I much prefer the sound of the Pioneer, and it seems to also power my speakers (Aperion) better as well.

If you only have the dvd player and not much else, the Pioneer VSX-X17V family (817V, 917V, and 1017V) are all generally in your price range. You should definitely be able to find them for sale within your price range. Might want to check it out.
You may also consider a Marantz refurb from Accessories4Less. They have the SR4001 for 350. They have AWESOME SQ.
For basic, non-HDMI 5.1 duties, the Panasonic XR-55 is fantastic and can be had for less than half your budget. Not very big, runs cool. 3 switched component video inputs, too. The digital amp section gets raves for SQ, fwiw.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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