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Would love advice on how to best power this unusual configuration.

This is a music-only setup for now.
Large Room: 22' x 26' (split so half, 22x13, has 25-ft ceiling, half has 9-ft ceiling)
4 Aperion Verus Grand Bookshelf speakers (wall mounted roughly in the corners, at height of about 7-ft)
SVS SB13-Ultra subwoofer (given all I describe here, would you agree with this, or is it overkill? Big room to fill, but it doesn't need to be a full-on disco/thumping at high volumes)

I believe an AVR, multizone receiver is my best bet, but I'm truly not expert enough to know for sure. (I need the ability to localize music at lower volumes, per my wife)
Zone 1: 1-pair speakers + Sub
Zone 2: 2nd pair speakers (added for full-room music)

Future potential for a TV in this room, but would not be primary home theater experience. This would be more like a set-up for a Super Bowl / Final Four party, but would certainly be watching some movies too at some point. Do I need an AVR that includes a Zone 3 (sounds crazy since we still talking about the same room). I'd be happy with a soundbar/center channel, plus ability to feather-in the add'l speakers for surround.

Am I approaching this logically? Any different recommendations on set-up, and specifically my main question, what receiver might you suggest at
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