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Need help picking between a few receivers. (Budget maxes-out around $600)

I'm looking at the likes of:

* Denon 1912 or 2112CI

* Onyko NR609 or NR709

Probably going to get the Jamo S606 HCS-3 5.0 system (I have an existing subwoofer, will upgrade it in due course if need be)

The room is an open plan basement with the HT in one corner of the "L" (see floor plan if interested)

Here are the factors I'm thinking of to try and pick the receiver. I'm just not sure how important these things are:

* Audyssey. From reading threads on here, it seems that each level is a significant step up. So ideally I'd like MultEQ XT but would the other kinds be much worse?

* Video upscaling. I'll probably be watching some SD content from FIOS plus some DVDs and a Wii. I'll be getting a decent (and new) BluRay and TV. Is the upscaling in the receiver better than what the other components can produce.

* Reliability. Seems like some of last year's Onkyo's had bad reliability. Haven't heard of the same this year (although some people say they run hot). Is this year's reliability better, or just too early to tell?

Here's my understanding:

Denon 1912 - $550 - MultEQ, only up-scales Wii content.

Denon 2112 - $650 (- $50 gift card @ vanns) - MultEQ XT, only up-scales Wii content.

Onkyo NR609 - $400 (Vanns) - 2EQ, upscales Wii and HDMI content

Onkyo NR709 - $630 (Vanns) - MultEQ XT, upscales Wii and HDMI content

So...looks like the NR709 has it all and it's in my budget.

* But is it reliable?

* Is it worth the extra $230 (vs the 609)? If I save money here, I may be able to to justify getting a 59" tv over a 51".

What do you guys think?
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