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I'm in the market for a new sofa, and my wife and I are interested in getting a reclining model—ideally with 3 seats across, and we prefer microfiber fabric over leather. I contacted a local custom furniture maker here in San Francisco that built our last sectional for us, but they don't do reclining models.

My concern is that I have two Buttkicker LFEs that I would want to mount underneath it, but I'm guessing the internal structure of a reclining sofa is much more complicated than a traditional sofa, so mounting may not be possible. And of course all the online shops with reclining sofas have no good reason to show photos of the bottoms of their sofas, so I'm not able to tell if they'd work or not (and I'm guessing most/all furniture stores have never heard of a tactile sound transducer, so contacting them would be more frustrating than helpful.)

Does anyone know of any specific models/brands of sofa where 2+ Buttkickers can be installed?

Or, are there any specialty-home theater sofas that maybe already have TSTs installed (or are installable), but are also reclining?

I know that the Buttkickers can also be used with a plate under one of the legs of the sofa, but I'd prefer mounting it directly to a crossboard under the sofa.


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