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first of all, sorry for the bad english that s about to come!

finally took the time to setup zoomplayer, but the first big problem is there:

(by the way, this problem also occured in TT).

When starting zp reclock gets a fatal error and closes (zp also closes)

sorry, but a fatal error has occured in ReClock !

You should find more detailed crash information in c:\


Please mail this file to the author etc... etc....

and here is my logfile:

-1.#Js 000e44 **********************************************

6.09s 000e44 Fatal error !!!

6.09s 000e44 Base address: 0x6f8c0000

6.09s 000e44 Exception type:

6.09s 000e44 \tAccess violation at address 0x6f8e192e

6.09s 000e44 \tTried to read address 0x0426b000

6.09s 000e44 Exception flags: 0

6.09s 000e44 More detailed information:

6.09s 000e44 \t[00]: 0x00000000

6.09s 000e44 \t[01]: 0x0426b000

6.09s 000e44 \t[02]: 0x0001003f

6.11s 000e44 \t[03]: 0x00000000

6.11s 000e44 \t[04]: 0x00000000

6.11s 000e44 \t[05]: 0x00000000

6.11s 000e44 \t[06]: 0x00000000

6.11s 000e44 \t[07]: 0x00000000

6.11s 000e44 \t[08]: 0x00000000

6.11s 000e44 \t[09]: 0xffff027f

6.11s 000e44 \t[10]: 0xffff0120

6.11s 000e44 \t[11]: 0xffffa2aa

6.11s 000e44 \t[12]: 0x6f8ef714

6.11s 000e44 \t[13]: 0x01c9001b

6.11s 000e44 \t[14]: 0x03e1f7f4

6.11s 000e44 Stack trace:

6.13s 000e44 End of dump

6.13s 000e44 **********************************************

6.41s 000f2c video minInt=16 wait=411.2 Ti=14.321 e=2.432 U=2.405 freq=3125093.37(+45.37, 77.74 ppm)

6.41s 000c48 Thread priority changed

6.42s 000c48 Prebuff sample dropped t1=4669 l_shift=126 l_sampleDuration=32 m_timeDrop=129

6.44s 000c48 End of sample predrop

6.44s 000c48 m_audioWorkBuffSize=122880

6.45s 000c48 CreateAudioBuffer(241536,129,20,5)

6.45s 000c48 StopAndClearAudioBuffer

6.45s 000c48 InitPid() rates=(1.000000,1.000000) resampler=(1.000000,1.000000) stretch=(1.000000) psc=0

6.45s 000c48 ChangeAudioRate(48000.00,0.0)

6.45s 000c48 DestroyAudioBuffer

6.45s 000c48 Getting reg key WaveDevice = 6

6.45s 000c48 waveOutOpen result=0 tries=1 De opgegeven opdracht is uitgevoerd.

6.45s 000c48 1 buffer(s) waiting for playback (18624 bytes left)

6.47s 000c48 End of sample predrop

6.48s 000c48 2 buffer(s) waiting for playback (12480 bytes left)

6.52s 000c48 3 buffer(s) waiting for playback (6336 bytes left)

6.55s 000c48 4 buffer(s) waiting for playback (192 bytes left)

6.58s 000c48 5 buffer(s) waiting for playback (-5952 bytes left)

6.61s 000c48 Flushing 5 buffers waiting for playback

6.61s 000c48 video minInt=15 wait=202.5 Ti=14.321 e=0.000 U=1.432 freq=3125096.90(+48.90, 75.48 ppm)

6.83s 000f2c video minInt=15 wait=213.5 Ti=14.321 e=0.000 U=1.432 freq=3125100.44(+52.44, 73.28 ppm)

7.05s 000f2c video minInt=15 wait=223.6 Ti=18.793 e=4.472 U=3.668 freq=3125118.69(+70.69, 71.14 ppm)

7.22s 000e44 Destroying global critical sections g_critMon=018f3a68 g_critSec2=018f3a88 g_critSec3=018f3aa8

7.23s 000e44 ---------------------------------------------------------



reclock_log.txt 2.6240234375k . file


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the same thing happens to me..I just quit using reclock

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Please sanderheijnen, see the thread "reclock 1.5 is coming", download 1.5 beta2, activate logging in configuration app and try again. Then please post the log as attachment, or send it to me at [email protected] . Also please tell me what exactly you do to make it crash.


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Note too that if you are overclocking too much Reclock will usually be the first thing to crash, and usually with that error message. When you overclock, verify that your system is stable, preferably by some stress test. Personally I run Prime95 on torture test for 3 days or so. (I'd reccomend at least 24hrs.. sometimes it takes the right combination of voltage drop/temp to trigger an instability) If it errors out even once the system is NOT stable, and you'll see the reclock fatal crashes.

Actually come to think of it... this is also valid for non-overclocked machines. Usually HTPC cases run hotter than standard cases, leading into the premature leaking of mainboard capacitors. If you have reclock errors you may want to test the stability of your system overclocked or not.

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my 2.8E oc'd to 3.5 passed prime for 6 days straight.... but one dvd run through DVD Shrink set for max smoothness crashed it everytime... at any clock under 3.2 it shrinks DVD's fine.... go figure...

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