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Reclock with Zoom... twice!?!?

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I've just gotten zoom working with sonic filters and powerdvd audio.. my nirvana of good picture, keeping dolby headphone is at hand :) here is my dvdgraph.. modified from someones on here that had ffdshow in it (still not sure if i want to play with this.. edge enhancement i thought was a no no for projectors)...





LoadFilter({9DC15360-914C-46B8-B9DF-BFE67FD36C6A},ReClock Audio Renderer 0001)

LoadFilter({70E102B0-5556-11CE-97C0-00AA0055595A},Video Renderer)

LoadFilter({9BC1B780-85E3-11D2-98D0-0080C84E9C39},CyberLink Audio Decoder)

LoadFilter({CD8743A1-3736-11D0-9E69-00C04FD7C15B},Overlay Mixer)

LoadFilter({6E8D4A20-310C-11D0-B79A-00AA003767A7},Line 21 Decoder)

LoadFilter({D7D50E8D-DD72-43C2-8587-A0C197D837D2},Sonic Cinemaster® DS Video Decoder)

LoadFilter({9B8C4620-2C1A-11D0-8493-00A02438AD48},DVD Navigator)


ConnectPin(DVD Navigator,Video,Sonic Cinemaster® DS Video Decoder,Video in)

ConnectPin(DVD Navigator,AC3,CyberLink Audio Decoder,In)

ConnectPin(DVD Navigator,SubPicture,Sonic Cinemaster® DS Video Decoder,Subpicture in)

ConnectPin(CyberLink Audio Decoder,Out,ReClock Audio Renderer 0001,In)

ConnectPin(Sonic Cinemaster® DS Video Decoder,Video Out,Overlay Mixer,Input0)

ConnectPin(Sonic Cinemaster® DS Video Decoder,CC Out,Line 21 Decoder,In)

//ConnectPin(ffdshow,Out,Overlay Mixer,Input0)

ConnectPin(Line 21 Decoder,Out,Overlay Mixer,Input2)

ConnectPin(Overlay Mixer,Output,Video Renderer,In)

I am using Reclock as you can see.. I just wondered with reclock being menitioned in the dvdgraph do i need to still select reclock for the audio device elsewhere in zooms settings for manual filters... to me then it would almost be like its reclocking twice... although only one green clock appears in my system tray.. just curious...


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