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I am looking to buy for myself an RPTV,call it my reference RPTV. I will tweak it so that it gives the best picture it can. I live outside the USA but TV here is NTSC and electricity is 120, 60 Hz VAC. I have DSS and HDTV C-band. I do need personal opinions good and bad experience, maybe this should have been a pol but...

Sources for HDTV are JVC D-VHS Deck, C-Band Satellite HDTV,

I do watch a lot of DVD

Must be HDTV

Must have reasonable number of inputs (One for the HDTV Deck, One for the HDTV Satellite, One for DVD, One for DSS, One for Regular, read realllly crappy cable TV, One for OTA analog NTSC, from crappy to OK.

Audio Quallity NOT IMPORTANT, it will be hooked-up to an HT

I will tweak this set so I want a set with a good "tweak history", links, Web sites, etc

It must be reliable; it will be purchased in the USA and shipped here, returning it is an expensive option.

Must be 16:9

At least 57 " inch Diagonal, 61 to 65 inches preferred

Must have DVI-DHCP

Picture Quality is THE important factor, Bells and whistles such as Integrated HDTV Tuners, PIP not that important

I have heard good things about Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba. I have found good deals on RCA Sceniums; it does not seem that they are much loved on this forum? Why?

Many questions I hope that will elicit many replies. I do need your input, I travel a good deal but on business and frankly, stores Pictures are far from optimal 99% of the time. I have to rely on the collective for information.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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