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We're considering a rear projection/screen setup for a display in our building and I wasn't sure where else to ask this question:

I'm looking at a screen that is approx. 10'x6' (rough opening) with a small room behind. There are two options for projector placement, either direct center at approx. 5' from the screen, or even with the lower third of the screen and up to 9' back (obviously requiring significant vertical shift).

What I'd like to see there is a projector connected to a PC that can be used for slides, presentations, SD video, etc. for the large public space in front of the screen (an atruim that is about 700 sq ft. and not very bright). 95% of the time we'd probably just run a slide show or powerpoint presentation. Total use would be on the order of 750-1000 hours per year.

Any ideas for projectors that might serve in this application? Or other issues this raises for those more experienced with installations like this?


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