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Recommend 42 to a novice

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I am looking to get my first 42" Plasma this holiday season, and would like to ask for you recommendations. I will be using it with a PC that has DVI out and a cable box. mostly with the cable box. I have been looking at the two Panny's and would like input from owners on there likes/dislikes of the units, and on there differences if they are worth the price.



Other manufactures recommendations would be appreciated as well.

Thank you all in advance....

also....a good place to buy online.....;)

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Slicksta, from one new member to another, welcome! :) This site is a great place to learn about HT, but I should warn you that the experienced members here have very little patience for new members who haven't read the FAQ or at least tried to search for the answer first. These two models are EXTREMELY popular, and there is a glut of information on the board about them, you just have to search for the answers. If you then have a specific question about them, go ahead and ask away.

Also, have you checked out the official Panny sites? The have good info and even the manuals for download. Very informative..
I agree and figured I would post while I search. I have been searching for the past day so much that my eyes have crossed, blurred and I'm cryin'.......lol

Maybe I haven't got the hang of this site yet....can someone post a link to a few good threads?

That's cool, I know it can be daunting to get started.

Here is a link to a really good comparison between the 2 Panny models. I can also confirm that MANY members on here have come to the same conclusions that the reviewer did after seeing them side by side.

Here is also a stand-alone review of the TH-42PWD5UY (my future plasma of choice) at http://www.*******************.com/p...uy-review.html

BTW, neither model comes standard with any kind of DVI input. There is an optional DVI board available for around $400, but it completely replaces the component inputs when installed (you have to switch the 2 boards out, kinda like a PCI card.) There is also no information I could find on whether this DVI is/will be HDCP compatible, but that's another LONG story.
thanks guys.....

when I stop the tears, I will get back to reading some more.

seems so far that I like the HD because of my intent of connecting a PC, though I don't like spending the extra cash.

Are you saying I am going to loose my component inputs if I swap it with the DVI board?

Wondering if I should be looking at another manufacturer then?

BTW...excellent site

rogo spoke to the panny reps at CEDIA and they were adamant that they had no intention to create a HDCP compatible DVI card. They are skipping DVI HDCP altogether until they can release HDMI (DVI compatible) connectors in 2004 i believe the story was. I gathered that this would not be a card based solution but rather a standard connection. Of course nothing is set in stone but i wouldn't assume they will change thier mind.
Checkout the Pioneer 43" model, they have 1024x768 resolution and a card slot for expansion capabilities way beyond Panasonic.
thanks Don

the more I read the more overwhelmed I become. The Pioneer is starting to look a little better. From what I gather, the Pioneer is more versatile and expandable while the Panasonic may have a slightly better picture. I do like the upgradeability and the DVI already included with Pioneer, and would be willing to sacrafice a the minimal amount of picture quality.

back to more reading..........

I'm assuming you are referring to the Pioneer PDP-433CMX? As far as I can tell, the monitor itself only comes with standard RGB hookups. You have to order the expansion card to install the DVI/component inputs. BTW, this DVI isn't HDCP compatible either.
keep in mind upgradability is only an issue with the panny TH-42PHD5UY whereas the TH-42PWD5UY will only display 480 lines of resolution so the issue of HDCP is moot. That being said, if you have to have a 1024x768 panel and "futureproofing" your panel is a concern, the guys are right, go pioneer.

srgilbert is right about the DVI on the current pioneer PDA5002 card. It is NOT HDCP compatible. You would need to look at one of several not yet released cards such as the Key Digital card or a Aurora card to ensure compatibility
Originally posted by badga
keep in mind upgradability is only an issue with the panny TH-42PHD5UY whereas the TH-42PWD5UY will only display 480 lines of resolution so the issue of HDCP is moot.
Having decided to buy the non-HD Panny, I've conceded to the fact that the display won't provided true HD images. Most reports say that the image quality is still pretty incredible non the less. My biggest concern is that 2-3 years down the road, when HD-DVD comes to fruition, that it's remotely possible that the only connection available to a display will be DVI-HDCP. Personally, I'm banking that this won't be the case.
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