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Recommend a 42" Plasma based on the best PQ

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After many years of owning CRT projection TV's,

I am getting serious on investing in a small Plasma to

hang on a wall.

Please recommend a 'Must Have' set based on

great picture quality and reliability.

Thank You!!!
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I went from a 36" Sony HD XBR CRT ........

to a Panny 42HD8UK.....

Picture is incredible........it does have its flaws as any TV does, but I feel for the $$$ ---- I do feel I got great value w/ the purchase (current market)....

Whether its a "must have" for you I have no idea what you need....I knew what I did and what I didn't need- which led me to my Plasma....and I still have no regrets after 4+ months.....

only that I probably should of got the 50"!!!!!!!!!!!

oh well....theres always the 9th gen
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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