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First of all, thanks to all contributors for this very informative forum. I've been lurking for info on a PDP purchase, but would really appreciate some informed input.

58" max external width (not diagonal; max allowable within aesthetic requirements)

~9' viewing distance

Budget covers typical consumer displays (i.e., would get a 65vt30, but it's too big; new Runco likely cost prohibitive)

Pro calibration is planned (not sure it will make much of a difference, but I have an Integra DTR-9.9/Reon with some ISF capabilities)

Apps, 3D, and other extras are low on my priority list - I just want a good display for movies (BR/DVD) and cable
Within these requirements, everything available seems to be a compromise. Please clarify if I've misstated anything - hard to filter all threads based on my needs. Thanks in advance!

60ST/GT30 - Poor gamma, even post calibration - D-Nice: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...331665&page=53; 48Hz is unwatchable due to flicker; color accuracy behind Samsung; fluctuating blacks issue, but Panasonic evidently has a fix

59D7000 - Increased black level w/ 24Hz mode; peeling AR filter on screen, evidently Samsung has a fix, but new/revised filters may have a rainbow reflection effect; some owners claim fluctuating black levels

59D8000 - No major improvements on D7000 issues noted above

55VT30 - Less viewing area than 3 above

Pro-141FD - Found one on Videogon with supposedly
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