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Hi, I am looking for a budget priced AVR that will let me dock and control an iPod or the BD player in the main room and hear it in Zone 2 or on "B" speakers.

I understand that most AVR's don't allow digital inputs to be played in Zone 2.

I won't ever need the second area to play a different source from the main room. It is perfectly fine if they are always playing the same thing.

The main room is 10x20 and it will probably only ever have 5.1 speakers so it is fine if it doesn't have 7.1 while using the other zone or "b" speakers. I don't have very sensitive hearing so the quality does not have to be that great.

It is fine with me if I have to get a separate amp for the other area.

so far the equipment I have is

Panasonic TC-P42G10

Comcast/Motorola DCH3416

I want to get a DMP-BD80K

I don't care what brand the AVR is.

I would like to spend $500 or less on the main AVR. But if I have to spend more to make it happen then I could go up to $1000.

Thank you
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