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Recommend me some awesome musicals/rock operas...

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I'm in the mood to watch a musical tonight. The problem is, I think I've seen them all, or at least the best ones.

Make your recommendations around my strongest likes:

The greatest is going to have to be "Tommy" or "The Wall." Those movies I basically worship.

Next, I'd say that "Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Phantom of the Paradise," "Little Shop of Horrors," "Wizard of Oz," "The Pick of Destiny," or Troma's "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead." Phenomenal movies that all lend a fantastic and atmospheric experience. I even like "Grease."

I'd even be up for movies that have musical sections in them, such as "Dead and Breakfast" which I find entertaining and fun. This can also apply to my absolute favorite of the Monty Pythons--"The Meaning of Life" as well.

Even the absolutely terrible "The Apple" is so bad, that it's musically hilarious and cheesy to the extreme. "Shock Treatment," although not a very engaging movie, has a decent enough musical experience that I enjoy!

I've already seen "Phantom of the Opera," which I dislike for the most part. I've seen this live at London, and it's a far cry from the real deal with the subpar singers (the exception being Patrick Wilson).

I haven't seen "Repo! The Genetic Opera," but I'm somewhat intrigued...

Not so much of a fan of the animation stuff.
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Do you really want opera?
Fixed the title to "rock opera." That's what I meant, heh.
Never mind.
" Hedwig and the Angry Inch " - Not a "rock opera" per se but a great rock musical!
Does Across the Universe count? I enjoyed that very much. Yup.
Some rock operas/rock musicals:

The American Astronaut

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Slade in Flame

Velvet Goldmine

Originally Posted by KOA /forum/post/20848328

See if you like The Commitments.


Regardless if it fits his "urge" or not, this movie is a must see if not seen before. Well done movie.

Last night I watched "School of Rock." I was very entertained.

Thanks for the above list. I now have some movies to check off. I'll check back in with some thoughts.
Another vote for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I love the music.

If you like the beatle's this DVD/blu-ray called Across the Universe is really good. Video/sound great.
August Rush is an excellent, family-friendly modern fairytale with outstanding music.
Regardless if it fits his "urge" or not, this movie [The Commitments] is a must see if not seen before. Well done movie.

Absiblankingtively Posolutely.

See also Standing in the Shadows of Motown.
The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash
Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog
green days american idiot broadway show goes on tour early next year, and tom hanks is working to turn it into a movie. has the guy who did milk writing the screenplay
Originally Posted by lordcloud
Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog
Left this one out. Great great great little episodic movie. Recommended.

I know this wasn't a recommendation, but I "tried" to watch "Vicious Lips" last night. Not even good in the slightest degree.
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