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Last few months I've been on a crusade to collect some of the best movies I can find, mainly I'm looking for some great cult classic films, psychological thrillers or mind blowing jobs, or extremely emotional/thought provoking movies.

I have a pretty good collection of movies that are "popular favorites", I guess you could call them, your Indiana Jones, Star Wars, BTTF, etc..

Recently I've added movies like Donnie Darko, Dark City (seen before), Boondock Saints, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, now I'm looking for more in that venue, or better.... what do you guys recommend...

I heard of one about some cocaine addicts in NY that's supposed to be really, really, good but I can't remember the name.

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I don't have Memento but I've seen it, it's on my list of "Must Own"

I tried to watch Snatch twice and kept falling asleep, I didn't like this movie, but I didn't finish seeing it. Maybe the fast paced English dialogue kept losing me, what I did follow didn't seem as stylish or interesting as a PF or Ocean's Eleven.

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The Usual Suspects

Blade Runner

On the Snatch DVD, there is a subtitle option where it shows the subtitles for Brad Pitt's character only...


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Originally posted by dedwards

The Usual Suspects

Blade Runner

On the Snatch DVD, there is a subtitle option where it shows the subtitles for Brad Pitt's character only...

Thanks for the responses keep them coming, I have The Usual Suspects I have it under the "Gangster" run of movies, like HEat and Godfather... I used to have a huge VHS library and I've sold it all off and now need to replace movies, Usual Suspects is pretty well known isn't it? Or is it just another cult classic?

Identity, with John Cusack, was ok, I didn't think it was greatness like Silence of the Lambs or Red Dragon with the twists, I can't say I saw it coming, but I had all but guessed at some Vanilla Sky/Dreamscape type of "I'm not really here" type of scenario midway through the movie. I rate that movie a 7 out of 10.

Blade Runner is the old movie with Harrison Ford right? Is that really good? I saw like 20 minutes of it, didn't understand it and had to go somewhere, although the friend of mine who wanted me to get into the movie was all horny about it.

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Originally posted by Dvlos
Blade Runner is the old movie with Harrison Ford right? Is that really good? I saw like 20 minutes of it, didn't understand it and had to go somewhere, although the friend of mine who wanted me to get into the movie was all horny about it.
Yes. An all-time classic. On almost everyone's best sci-fi flicks ever. The original voice-over version is better, but hard to find.

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Some cult classics I rarely see comments about on these boards and would seem to fit the bill:

A Boy and his Dog- A post apocolyptic sci-fi film starring a very young Don Johnson and his dog.

King of Hearts - This dark comedy stars Alan Bates and a very young Geneviève Bujold. This movie had a standing run at a cinema in Cambridge Mass for over a decade.

Harold and Maude - Classic cult comedy..a must have IMO.

Being There - a fantastic dark comedy starring Peter Sellers as a man whose whole life has been shaped by what he watches on TV.

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Pretty much everything from Alfred Hitchcock.

You'll be amazed at how much fun his movies are to watch, here and now. The restorations have been very good.

When these movies were new, I was either too young to see them, or scared to watch a scary movie. Watching them now they don't seem so much like "scary movies" as delightful roller-coaster rides, masterfully done.


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These are more cult items than all time greats, though they are on the whole great films. B&W films have asterisk

Rocky Horror Picture Show, though it needs an audience and sort of wears out its welcome half way through

Muriel's Wedding

Some series, "Long Forms":I, Claudius

The Prisoner



Edge of Darkness
R2 only

The Name of the Rose

The Advocate

Carnival of Souls*
there's an expensive Criterion, but many dirt-cheap versions exist

British Gangster greats: The Long Good Friday

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The Krays
unclear if this is on DVD or not

The Commitments

le pacte des loups/Brotherhood of the Wolf

Queen Margot

Wings of Desire*
(some color footage) a little slow, a little arty, but quite good

The Hertzog/Kinski box (see above comment, and all films color)

les enfants du paradis/The Children of Paradise* the French Gone With the Wind

Kurosawa: Seven Samurai*

Stray Dog*

The Hidden Fortress*




Dersu Usala

The Manchurian Candidate*

The Night of the Hunter*

Touch of Evil*

The Big Sleep*

There's just so many...

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Pulp Fiction

12 Monkeys

5th Element

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Great topic!

I think some people are misunderstanding what the term "cult classic" really means however ... A cult classic distinguishes itself enough to accumulate a legion of devout followers that are often completely obsessed with a movie (watching it over and over again until it's basically committed to memory).

It may be what's considered a good movie (Star Wars), or bad (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Reefer Madness). Doesn't really matter. There's something 'special' about the movie.

Seems people are sometimes just naming 'good' movies (Memento, Snatch). I'm not sure I'd classify them as 'cult classics' however.

Anyway, here are some movies that are usually defined as true cult classics in no particular order. Not a complete list by any means... just off the top of my head:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail


This is Spinal Tap

Reefer Madness

Easy Rider

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

The Blues Brothers


Slap Shot

Midnight Cowboy

Repo Man

Star Wars

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Night of the Living Dead

Rocky Horror Picture Show

A Clockwork Orange

2001: A Space Odyssey

Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs


More recent (still attaining cult-dome I guess):

Lord of the Rings (?)

Bubba Ho-tep

And on this forum this movie can probably also be classified as a 'cult classic' (the cult being diehard HT users):

The Fifth Element

Cult Classics aren't necessarily "must see movies" by any stretch of the imagination. While most of these movies are actually pretty good or entertaining... some of these are quite bad!

Maybe what you're trying to put together is a list of "must see" classic movies? That's a whole other topic! :)


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Here are my personal favorite cult classics (in the order they occur to me):

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


The Life of Brian

Taxi Driver

Apoloypse Now

Putney Swope

From Dusk Til Dawn

Fellini's Satyricon


Jacob's Ladder

Woodstock - Directors Cut

Cheech and Chong - anything

Groove Tube

Blue Velvet

Mulhulland Drive

Pink Flamingos

Desperate Living

Fifth Element

Blazing Saddles



Seven Sammurai

O Brother

Hudsucker Proxy

Barton Fink


Kentucky Fried Movie

The Shining

A Clockwork Orange

Cries and Whispers

Tie Me Up - Tie Me Down

Women on the Verge

All about My Mother

The Good The Bad and the Ugly

Hang 'em High

Once Upon a Time in the West

With a Friend Like Harry

The Dinner Party

The Heartbreak Kid

200 Motels

Night of the Living Dead

Pulp Fiction

Jackie Brown

Party Girl

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I'll second Bubba Ho-Tep, Great Cult movie

Urgh! A Music War

Pink Floyd The Wall

Heavy Metal

Tetsuo, Iron Man and the short Drum Struck


Naked Lunch

Twin Peaks

Monty Python-The Holly Grail, pretty much all Monty Python movies

Phantasm and sequels

The Evil Dead series



Bad Taste

Meet the Feebles

and although I haven't seen either yet I would guess

Shaun of the Dead

Team America
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