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Recommend settings for an Oppo 971

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Hi there, I just got an Oppo 971. I've watched a few DVDs and they look good. However I'm sure I can make them look a lot better with the right settings.

I found this link: http://whiggles.landofwhimsy.com/wri...alloffame.html and was wondering if this was DVD's that were upconverted? If so my DVD's are not even close to this PQ.

My setup is a Toshiba 62HM195 and an Oppo 971 (connected via DVI-HDMI cable @ 1080i).

My calibration settings for my 62HM195 are:

Constrast - 48

Brightness - 47

Colour - 43

Tint - 0

Sharpness - 10

Lamp mode - Low power

DNR - Off

Colour Temp - Cool

As for my Oppo they are:

Truelife: On

CCS: Off

Sharpness: Off

Noise Reduction: Low

Brightness: 1

Contrast: 10

Saturation: 5

If I'm doing anything wrong please let me know. I'm very new to all of this.
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you should use a calibration disc such as avia and calibrate your tv with that and set the oppo settings to 0 on all
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