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Recommend SPL Meter

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Many user has own Radio Shack Analog SPL Meter and it out of stock online store.

Beside Radio Shack, which one will you recommend?
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If you can find one, Sears sells one with the Craftsman name on it..........

Check local Radio Shacks. Even in nearby towns.........

Our local one still has 4 in stock.
Radio Shack is apparently coming out with a new one. Don't know if the insides are different, or if it's just a case upgrade.


Look into this one. I couldn't find the price, but I'm sure it's up there. http://www.ivie.com/ie33/index.htm :)
The radio shack meters are terrible at measuring bass in cars, the reading is off (because the meter is not good at picking up the lower frequencies) and it maxes out at 126db ... which for a car isn't loud at all and I would assume your HT is louder than that if you wanna get it metered.

If you know someone who is in db drag ... they might have access to those $2,000 db mics ...
The Radio Shack meter works fine for home theater. After the correction factors are factored in, the readings are quite adequete for balancing HT speakers.

Home Theaters are usually calibrated at 75db not 126db plus.
I just bought the Radio Shack SPL meter yesterday (or was it Sat.?) Anyway, I'll be using it tonight.

I think it will be fine from what I've read here.

Oh yeah, I bought it from a local store after visiting a few when they were out of stock. I bought the last one they had.
Originally posted by HTJunkie1
Look into this one. I couldn't find the price, but I'm sure it's up there. http://www.ivie.com/ie33/index.htm :)

I was wondering if anyone has tried spectrum analyzer software for pocket pcs? How accurate could the little mic be in the handheld? You can purchase just the software for around $29 if you already have the device and I was thinking about going that way even though I have had the RS meter for several years.
One of the best uses for an SPL meter in an HT is balancing the channel levels. For this purpose absolute accuracy is not terribly important, repeatability is. The RS meter and most other meters are very repeatable. If you want high accuracy, you'll have to move up to a more expensive meter, like the Gold Line meters.

For spectrum analyzers, absolute SPL accuracy is not that important either, just relative levels. To be accurate for SPL measurements a PC or Pocket PC based RTA needs to be calibrated. Typically with an accurate, standards traceable, SPL meter.
Radio Shack Analog SPL Meter is what the DVD "Avia Guide to Home Theater" recommends, and I would think for HT use this is all you would need. I just purchased a second one about a week ago at a local Radio Shack and they check their computers and there were more still available around town at other Radio Shack locations. I am sure if you call or drop in to your local RS and have them check their computer, they would be able to tell you if they are available at any store near you. Chances are good that you should be able to still obtain one since I would not think that these would be all that big of a seller.

Too bad i've live in singapore n i could not get RS analog :(

so difficult to get that..
The analog and digital can be ordered online at radioshack.com. I bought a digital and it seems to work fine. I'm using it for comparative work balancing speakers.
Another place is Extech Instruments http://www.extech.com

Cheapest one was $59 through one of their US dealers.

Most of their products are from Hong Kong or Taiwan, but so are Radio Shack's. I thought you could get almost anything in Singapore, since it is a big business and trade center. No Extech dealer in Singapore though.
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