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Recommendation for 3.1 setup

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I need some recommendation/guidance. I think this is the most appropriate forum. I purchased the Onkyo 780 and am reconsidering (it was a impulse buy). I'm planning to sell the Onkyo setup.

The setup if for my basement which is about 20'x40' but only about 1/2 (20x20) is used for the home entertainment.

I have one limiting criteria. I don't really want to pull cables; therefore, thinking about a 3.1 setup.? My budget is $1000 give or take. I have a samsung HL-R6167W.

Could someone make some recommendations for AV receiver and speakers (left, center, and right) Sub only if is necessary. 80% TV and 20% music.

BTW: I have a 5.1 set up in my living room with Yamaha RXV800? and Jamo A320 speakers. I think they sound pretty good. I got these about 4-5 years ago.

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You have plenty of good options to choose from for $1000. I just will list a few combinations that I think you might like. You can search this forum and get other great ideas on what you are looking for. Some of these options that I will list go a tad bit over $1000, but you could switch any of the combinations together I list below to make it less than $1000 total. Also remember that the sub is a very integral part of the HT setup, so I would highly recommended that you get a sub for your HT setup.

Option 1:

Athena WS-60: $180 (Very aesthically pleasing set with a very good sound quality to boot)


JVC RX-D702B: $600 ( I think this HDMI upconversion digital A/V receiver would work great with your Samsung HL-R6167W)


Mirage Omni S10 Sub: $250 (Probably the best bang for your buck quality 10" sub available; very compact compared to other 10" subs)


Option 2:

Panasonic SA-XR55S : $230


Athena WS-100: $540


Yamaha NS-C225: $150


Dayton 12" Sub: $120


Option 3:

Pioneer 1015TX-K: $430


Athena AS-B1 pair : $100

Athena AS-C1 : $100


Mirage S12 : $400


Option 4:

Denon S-101: $899 (The minimalist approach to your HTIB setup; IMO, the best virtual surround sound system on the market right now for less than $1000. Go try it out at Best Buy, and I think you will agree with me once you heard it and see all the features that the S-101 has that it's a better value overall in features and sound quality compared to the KEF KIT 100 and the Bose 3-2-1 Series II HTIB virtual surround sound models)


Like I said before, there are many other options available that will suit your needs and get you very good sound quality that you will enjoy. Search this forum to see other great ideas by other users of this site. Paradigm, Athena, Mirage, SVS…there are plenty of quality brands that you can choose from that can get you the HT setup of your dreams for $1000.
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Athena F-2's


Athena C-1


Athena AS P-6000


Pio 1015

There are endless permutations for $1k.


Infinity 360's


Infinity C25


Infinity PS-12


H/K 235

Other receiver maufacturers to look at: Panasonic (digital only), Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha.

Other subs: HSU, Velodyne, SVS

Other speakers: Polk, JBL, Klipsch, Axiom, Ascend, AV123, Paradigm
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u guys for one klh

they got low price but really good speakers.

http://www.klhaudio.com make sure u call in and ask then if they got the speaker in stock befor u order.
:) I think I'll add the Athena F-2's and C-1 to the Onkyo 780 receiver and see how that sounds. It the receiver appear inadequate, I'll upgrade one of the other recommendations. Thx all
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