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Can anyone recommend a good 46 or 47 inch LCD for use in a home exercise room? The environment is a bright room with no direct sunlight on the wall where the set will be mounted, I don't need 3D or a super-thin set, and a CFL backlight is fine. We might connect a Wi or Xbox for interactive exercise activities. Budget is in the area of $800 or so. I have no qualms ordering from Amazon, but wouldn't mind a local pickup either.

Some sets I've considered are the LG 47LK520 and the Samsung LN46D630. I have a personal bias against Sony after their rootkit on music CD games, and won't buy Vizio due to their quality issues.

Built-in Netflix capability would be a plus, but if it's going to add more than $100 I'll just go with a DVD or Roku player.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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