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Recommendation for a hdtv for a PC

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I would like to hook my PC up to a HDTV.

From what I have read DVI is the way to go as opposed to VGA.

I am looking for something in the 26" size range.

Recommendations please.

I like the LCD 26 Sony XBR, but it only has VGA and HDMI input, no DVI input. :(

I know a lot of folks are have trouble getting the DVI to HDMI going, so I am looking for a good HDTV with DVI in.


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I got a Syntax/Olevia 26" for cheap at my local Fry's. I has DVI/HDCP and VGA.

I run DVI now but w/ VGA, there was no difference.

If you buy a LCD w/o DVI, get ready to use VGA.
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