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I am moving my 40" HDTV up to my vacation home and would like to solicit recommendations on an AVR to replace the old Denon 3805 I have there. Right now my various components (TiVo, Playstation, DVD) run through the Denon to an old Panasonic Plasma with no HDMI. I specifically used the Denon because it would do a nice job converting to component, to make connections to the Plasma single-cable.

With the new HDTV, I want an AVR that can upscale to HDMI via the various sources (the TiVo is S-video, Playstation is component, DVD will be HDMI). The rest of the system is 5.1.

Obviously there are a gazillion AVRs that can do this, but I was thinking I'd be completely happy with something a few years old that I can pick up used. My spouse likely would think I was wasting cash if I bought something new. Frankly I was about to buy an Onkyo SR606 which I'd had experience of but I read many complaints about the HDMI failing on them after a few years.

Many thanks for any advice,

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