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Recommendation Needed!

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As I have an 'extra' projector, I thought it would be cool to mount my old Ampro 2600 (7" crt) over my desk and shoot it at a screen that comes down from the ceiling.

I used to use this projector with a 100" Stewart screen but that was in a dedicated HT.

My office will have lights on (most of the time) and a couple of windows. The windows have blinds that I'll use.

Here are the questions:

I'm thinking of using a 80" screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio (I'll probably watch mostly CNN, etc.)

What gain screen should I go for?

Any leads on where to find a motorized screen for a good price?

I know someone selling a 110" Stewart motorized screen for $1000 but obviously this is to big for this purpose...

Any comments appreciated.


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Funny seeing you in here, eh?

Check out kbk's paint.

Imagine.....you could.....

Fix your painted screen to the wall and have a piece of art, or something fitting, that "flys" out, or hinges away from in front of the screen when you feel like "watching".

I am going to run for Mayor of Tulsa, really, jdb

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Hey jdb,

I am installing two projectors in my office. One in my own office and the other in a dedicated HT.

I have three CRT projectors and I haven't seen a movie in over a year!

Can't use the paint, The projector will probably be aimed at a wall with a closet...

Need a pull down or motorized screen....

probably 80" as the room will be lit. The Ampro is a great projector, i bought it new and it has only about 1000 hours on it.

Can I vote for you over the web?

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Idea #1 shot down.

Since idea's this morning are primarily focused on a dog hair remedy for my bean and I don't have a drop down screen....I'll ask, "How did you manage to come up with three projectors?".

Are they falling out of the sky up there? People dumping them in your yard while you sleep? Free projectors rubber banded to the morning paper?

Only thing out of the sky here was a brick that must have landed on my....

If the screen for your office winds up being to much money, time, and grief....I'll buy the ampro from you and all your problems will just go away.

I could use some talking points. Any opinions are welcome, jdb

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I use a gain of 1.3 For your application by a cheap Dalite screen. Glassbead works well for crt. $200 or so for a 100" Try cousins video.com
Samshort, I'll check out that site tonight. Thanks for the lead.

jdb, Here is the history of the projector pile:

I bought my first projector about 4 or 5 years ago brand new. My friend got it for me as a new demo unit. It was a Barco 701. I sold it to a friend who uses it all the time, in one of the worst installations you could imagine, no attention paid on geometry, etc. it cannot be converged properly and he refuses to move it. I can't handle it but he is happy as can be with it.

Within less than a year, my dealer friend was able to get another brand new demo from Ampro. This was a nice uprade and one of the best, if not the best 7" crt I have seen.

Suddenly, a Barco 808 with low hours appeared at my door in a basket with a note to care for it until it grew up....

Didn't even get to use it before the floods began....started ripping up the carpet...then the beautiful almost brand new top of the f'ing line drop ceiling....then the ceiling began to get lower..

I had no choice but to jackhammer the slab and start the momentous project that is still in progress....

The enormous stress and strain on my back and my relationship put me into a weakened dream state...I then stumbled into a power buy and bought yet another projector! This time a brand new NEC 135 lc. I haven't even set it up and it was delivered at least 6 months ago! This is the projector slated for the infamous Theater B.

So, I am building a really cool HT at my new office with the Barco 808...I am considering the Ampro in my own office for war news and baseball during the day....

You should see the stack of other equipment awaiting completion of this endless project.

I will keep my eyes out for a projector for you. If I decide not to install the Ampro, you are first on the list!

Email me with your budget and...ya never know....

What's happening with your HT??

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In fear of actually finishing a project around here, I shifted my focusing to the efforts of building my shop. The divorce, now final, means I have to start making money again, dang.

So the Peabody, 80% done, and as an HT, lays in slumber.

As a place to record my newest piece of music, it is stuffed with the old sound gear to over-flowing. Being the room I was married in, there is still some JuJu swirling around when I first walk in, but this change in function highlights my flexibility, that all things pass, and I still have my home. Yippy!

The room lacks some trim details, three more light cans in the fur down, a bucket of KBK's paint, and a projector I can call my own. That's it.

The parade of projectors through here was almost a joke. Anything I could get my hands for a weekend would be brought over, rigged , and fiddled with until a watchable image appeared. The final analysis, after several case of popcorn were comsumed, was "Data grade" sucks, the sound is great, and that marriage and alcoholism don't mix.

Funny. I got up this morning, drank some coffee and started working on the huge kitchen window again. An hour later I pulled off that to fill in the big hole I dug to chase the sewer lines a few days ago. I decide to build the PVC floor drain while I am in there and head out to the HD for fittings. Stop at the bank for cash first. I walk out of the depot with pipe and a long "L" box to run the service wires that have been hanging wild on the side of the two story for over a year now. But getting back home it's dark, time to eat, and now here I am playing on the computer.

At some point I will run out of "things" to work on around here and will have to start finishing them, like it or not. jdb

Thinking the office installation needs a title, desk-o-vision, or something...this is in your house, right? 3rd floor? Large window to jump out of when things get to tough?
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What work do you do? I know you are a songwriter. Is that how you warn your living?

No, the office HTs that I am referring to are in my office. not home. I moved the business into a stand alone 13,000 square foot building. I was looking for 7500 square feet max but couldn't pass up on this space considering the location, price and new condition. It is in a nice industrial park with trees and a good atmosphere..

So I have more space than I need and don't want to sublet any if I don't have to. Figure I might as well set up all the projectors and build a killer theater. The Barco 808 is a great projector and I decided to move it out of the conference room and into a much bigger room with more separation from the office part. I'm going to just paint all the walls black, put down an area rug for now, maybe build a stage and a 2 x 4 wall covered with fabric and maybe even watch a movie.

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