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Hello Guys,

I am currently on the market to purchase a house, and there is a high chance I found one that corresponds to my needs.

One of the needs is of course having a dedicated place for my Home Theater.

I am still unsure how I could place my speakers as I hesitate between 3 walls for the projection screen.

Attached is a picture of the model house bonus room, as well as the floorplan:

IMG_6080.JPG 8211k .JPG file
SC-BaynardPark-TiftonWalk-3BR-FL2-O1.jpg 16k .jpg file

The room is 27' by 19'-4". The ceiling is not very high in the bonus room (see the door on the right). I would say 7 feet high ?

My system:

- Martin Logan Motion 20 Floor standing speakers

- Martin Logan Motion 30 Center speaker

- Definitive Technology SR8040BP (Bipolar speakers) - I may change them if necessary.

- Projector: Epson 5030UB

- Projector screen: I only have a temporary 92in for now, but wish to purchase a 130 or maybe more if possible.

Where do you think I could place the system ? I was thinking about having a motorized screen in front of the windows and have my surround on the wall, however there are the stairs and the distance between Surround Right will be closer to Surround Left if it's put on the wall.

Should I try to mount them on the ceiling ? Should I change the orientation?

Thanks for your recommendation. I am really unsure here :/

Best regards,



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