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Thanks for the help.

Sources: 1080p Apple TV, FIOS Set Top Box
Displays: Sony Tv, Epson Projector

The Epson Projector has 2 HDMI inputs. Blu-ray player feeds 1 input directly. I need a good quality switch to accommodate the Apple TV and the FIOS box to send these source output(s) to the second HDMI input on the Projector as well as the Sony Tv. I don't need to display both sources at the same time.

I'll be using a MonoPrice RedMere HDMI cable from the switch to the Projector. In terms of the switch I don't mind spending a few extra bucks for something higher in quality as opposed to these somewhat ubiquiotous $40 options.

Is it true that build quality of the switch will be what affects the price and that the quality of the signal transfer is basically the same regardless of cost?

In any case, any recommendations?

Thanks again.

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