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So I was all excited about upgrading my headphones, getting an external amp, and being able to output Zone 2 from my Denon receiver to my new amp. I just found out however, that my receiver (and most receivers in general) can't convert a digital signal input into the receiver into a stereo output over RCA for Zone 2. This means I can't take my devices (like DirecTV, Dune HD, Xbox, etc...) which connect via HDMI to my receiver and output them over Zone 2 to my headphone amp. Some of those devices can output RCA audio which would work, but not all of my devices support that (such as the Xbox and PS3).

It seems like the best solution then is to convert the HDMI coming out of the receiver going to the TV from digital to analog. This way I can pass through the video to the TV, but strip out the audio and send that to my headphone amp.

Has anyone done this and have a recommended box that will do this conversion? A quick search on Google brought this up:


Looks like that would work and isn't too expensive (less then $200). Any thoughts or recommendations?
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