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Man, lots of choices here...it's been a while since I've looked at receivers.

I currently have a basement home theater, complete with 100" screen, HTPC, Wii, Xbox, HDTV (off air) receiver, and Kenwood (old) 5.1 DTS receiver.

I'm building a shop, and will be retiring the Kenwood to that location, so it's a perfect time to upgrade my receiver.

I don't need 7.1, my room doesn't have a back wall (the home theater shares a large room with a billiard room), and there's no good place for rear speakers.

I currently run some very nice in wall speakers for my surround, plus a JBL sub, and 4 bass shakers for my HT chairs. It actually sounds pretty good.

The real issue for me is the pain of getting things set right (ie: VGA selector to this input, stereo on this one, projector on this one, etc.) so a receiver with a one-to-many input/output setup would be ideal. Something with 3 Component inputs plus HDMI (with audio) would be perfect.

I don't really want to spend $1000 on a receiver, and don't believe I'll need to. This seems pretty standard for most receivers now, right?

Can you guys make recommendations? My buddy likes his Onkyo a lot.

Thanks in advance.
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