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I know there are similar posts out there, but just soliciting new opinions.

Just sold my Toshiba 40H80 (constant pain in the... and techs that couldn't tell their whosis from their whatsis). Now looking for new (and better, of course ). Trying to keep costs under $3k.

Use: cable tv (possible hd cable in future) 50%

dvds 35%

xbox 15%

(might try dvi for pc, but not priority)

For size- i have apt that does best with 40-50"

Definitely like widescreen for DVDs, might be swayed for 4:3, but not likely

I am very much interested in the Samsung DLPs, also Sony -though $$$ and wary of LCD... I would very much like to find something that does NOT need major tweaking out of the box. I am comfortable with some service menu adjustments, but not an engineer- also Avia etc... projection seems to be best deals by far... thought about the Hitachi -20xb (or something).

I am hesitant to give Toshiba any more of my business, but realize they have some best quality sets under $2k. At least THIS time I would buy locally, so I could drop the thing back at store's doorstep, if problems...

Any/all thoughts much appreciated.

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