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Recommendations for 50" Plasma

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I'm making the jump to Plasma now that I will have a room worthy of setting up a home theater in. There is more than a plethora of data to absorb, so I thought I would enlist some of the experience and expertise of the people on here. What is the current consensus for the best 50" plasmas for around $2,500 (Online pricing included is fine).

Perhaps a certain brand and or model is known for having certain issues? Or durability/longevity for brightness, contrast, etc... is better for a certain brand? Even just a few good, credible sites for reviews of the latest plasmas would be nice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Good 50" plasma and under $2500 is relative and not mutually exclusive. In that price range, I'd say Maxent.
strecth it to the low $3000+ range and you can find many more choices, like the panny 50px60u and others.
I bought/ordered a Panasonic 50-inch 600U for 3,600 bucks, and I suggest you do the same.
Ok...so I'll up it to $3000 range, and hope I can come across a good deal somewhere along the way. :) I've seen some good things for Panasonic recently, but want to get as much info as possible before making a decision. Do all the main brands basically use the same technologies in their plasmas? Just trying to get an idea of whether one brand is clearly better than others for a particular reason.

Thanks for the help so far. The more info, the better.
Keep in mind people that MSRPs are supposed to be posted, not discounted prices. If you got a good deal somewhere else, great, but PM the person with the info, don't post it on the board or the thread will get edited/deleted.

IMHO, other than the Maxent, I'd say you're going to have a hard time finding a truly good 50" plasma until you bump your budget into the $3,500+ range.

*Edit - Keep in mind that a scant 12 months ago a good 50" plasma would run you nearly twice what they are now.

I bought a NEC 50" 50XR5A and couldn't be happier. Check this forum for the NEC owner's thread or PM me for info. Keep in mind that they're above your $3K range though.
I have the maxent and it is a excellent pdp for the money. Check out cnet.com's review and the thread here at avs!
I'm quickly realizing that the original range I estimated was a bit low due to a few prices on certain models I saw. After just little more research, the high-rated models are in the mid $3,000's. Thanks for continued input. My DD continues :)
Do you need speakers and a tuner? Sometimes people think they need a tuner when they plan on using a cable box or direct tv box.(The tuner is inside these boxes, no tuner in the TV is required). If not there are a ton of options.

Hitachi 55HDT52 (TV) (With Cabel card)

Philips 50PF9630A/37 (TV) (With Cable Card)

Panasonic TH-50PX60U (TV) (without cable card)

(Speakers and stand can be added to these below)

NEC PX-50XR5A (Monitor)

Panasonic TH-50PHD8UK (Monitor)

Pioneer PDP-505CMX (Monitor)
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HP 5060N - you can check it out at Best Buy.
Won't need any speakers - already have that covered. I'm starting to lean towards Panasonic due to the majority of positive reviews and feedback they seem to have over the other brands.

I heard that prices are expected to drop quite a bit right before Chrismtas. Suppose that would apply to all size plasmas, but I am only really looking at 50" at this point
Unfortunatley it's almost impossible to review five or six displays in a home environment and that is the only truly fair comparison. Once the display has gone through a breakin period and then adjusted to your tastes the results will be outstanding. The best of the best include Pioneer, Panasonic, NEC, Fujitsu. But, the lower priced LG, Phillips, Maxent, and Vizio will make you a very proud plasma owner.
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