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I am looking to purchase a 52"+ LCD TV for Movies, Blu-Ray,and Xbox 360.

I've been reading this forum and visited a few stores (Fry's, Costco, Best Buy), but I still can't make up my mind. I currently own a 42" Panasonic Plasma and it works quite well (it's 8 years old), and I am looking for something larger and brighter. I prefer a panel that's thin and light for mounting on the wall. My wife does not want another Plasma (she likes the bright look of LCDs).

The models I am currently considering are:


Samsung UNB7000 - hear lots of problems on this forum

Samsung 52B750 - seems ok (would prefer larger size)

Samsung 55B650 - hear that PQ is not as good as B750

LG 55LH90 - looks darker than others, very thick

Sony 52XBR9 - blacks are not very dark


1. Under $3500

2. Picture Quality


clear panel

color accuracy

good off angle viewing

matte preferred (but glossy is ok)

dark blacks (not grey)

handles motion well

3. Low Input Lag (for Xbox 360)

4. HDMI/DVI (will be connected to an HTPC using HDMI), 1920 x 1080p

5. Sound - don't care (using a separate 5.1 system)

I liked the way Samsung UNB7000 looked at Fry's but I wonder if I'll have issues in a dark room, where I plan to use it. I am concerned about backlight bleeding, screen uniformity, and other problems.
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