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Sorry, I didn’t see a more appropriate place to post this.

I am looking to categorize my music. If Windows 7 had the meda-data “slots” I would love to use that but they don’t.

If I have no other choice I guess I will have to depend on a media player that keeps a separate library.

I need to categorize each song by items like:

- Type of dance

- Rating

- Party or dance event

- Mood

- Year

Play lists won’t make it as I need to quickly assemble “instant” playlists for dances, i.e. “play the favorite songs having 6 different styles of dance, then repeat. If the player doesn’t have that capability I would hope that I could explore the categorized library and sort it quickly in Excel and make a playlist.

I would like the program to:

- work on Windows 7, Android

- was free or close to it

- stick around for the next 20 years

- Sync songs, playlists, etc. seamlessly between the PC and Android

If there is a more appropriate forum for this type of question, please let me know.

Thank you,


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Go back one page & select Surround Music Formats or 2-ch audio, Imagine you can get some tips there!
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