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Hello all,

Apologies for starting a new thread. I did spend last 2+ hours reading up posts and searching online for products (DIY as well as kits). I have managed to thoroughly confuse myself so thought of asking for help. Thanks in advance.

1. We recently bought a house with an actual media room - so it is dark (no windows).

2. The owners left their screen mounted - fixed frame. The diagonal size is 90". I want to upgrade to 120"

3. I need to buy a new projector and the throw distance is 13.5 feet so it would be easier if the screen was larger than 90".

4. There are 3 speakers mounted in the wall behind the current screen -> I will need acoustically transparent screen.

Suggestions/help to select:

120" fixed frame screen for a dark room with 1080p projector that will throw from 13.5'

Projector recommendations also welcome - no 3D required. No audio required. Single HDMI input is enough

I am not looking for the best solution - midrange would do as money is a constraint.

DIY project acceptable though an average kit would be preferred

Anything else that I need to be aware of?

Again, sorry for taking your time, any simple pointers greatly appreciate. I saw Elite Sable screen for about $350. Would CineWhite be good enough or would I need to look at the AcousticPro1080P2 to get the acoustic transparency and support for 1080p native resolution?

Separately, I saw Clay's Place fabric on Amazon for $40 but it appears that it will block sound so is a non-starter. Any other options preferably less than $300 all said and done (supplies for DIY, shipping, taxes for kits).


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