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Recommendations for LCD panels?

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Looking for examples of DVDs, or other video content that look especially good on LCD panels. Ie, material which isn't necessarily contrast-hungry, and really shows off the high detail and discrete color definition on LCDs, particularly via a digital input.
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A couple of my own...

Live action/digital

SW: Attack of the Clones

A little color smearing in spots, but generally excellent color-definition and level of detail particularly on some closeups.


SW: A New Hope

Showing it's age in places, but for a nearly 30-year old film this still packs plenty of punch PQ-wise in many scenes, and has excellent detail. May want to try cheating contrast higher to add still a bit more depth/impact.

Underworld (Superbit)

The overall darkness of this film may be a little challenging contrast-wise for some LCDs, but the level of detail makes it worth the struggle. Plus you can cheat the contrast/white level higher than normal to give the picture some more punch without losing much white detail since the picture is so consistently dark. Closeups on this are about as near HD for a live-action film as I've seen on DVD.


Shrek 2

Darker scenes (and there are quite a few) are a bit challenging. But color and level of detail in brighter scenes are about the best I've seen. With a well-adjusted display, characters look like they could step out of the screen.

Monsters, Inc.

One of the earlier and still better-lookin CG animated features on any display, including/especially LCD.


Slightly lacking in detail compared to some of the five-star films above, but the strikingly rich palette holds up remarkably well considering this came out the same year as ANH.

Titan AE

A little edgy and mosquitoy around character outlines, but another good one color/texture-wise. Also good in the LFE dept from what I hear, if your panel happens to sport a subwoofer.
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I'm certainly not an expert (didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) but IMHO Forza Motorsport (Xbox) looks great using component (480P) on a Westy LTV-32w1. Probably the best out of all my games on the original box.
Sounds like some great suggestions. A couple other CG features that look pretty fantastic on LCD...

Disney's Dinosaur

Great detail and texture in this, on par with Shrek 2 and Monsters, Inc. May want to cheat contrast higher for a bit more dynamic look.

Finding Nemo

Really shows off the color on LCD well. No cheating necessary.

Ice Age

Great detail and color, again right on par with the very best CG features. Little to no cheating necessary.

The Incredibles

Looked pretty incredible in many scenes as a well, though I wish it could have been maybe a smidge sharper (if that's possible).
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The Incredibles looked pretty incredible in many scenes as a well, though I wish it could have been maybe a smidge sharper (if that's possible).
A couple more live-action films that look pretty good: Sinbad & the Eye of the Tiger and The Nutty Professor (1963). These don't really approach the level of detail and clarity of many of the other films above, but they have rich, diverse color and good depth that holds up well on LCD.
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