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Okay, here's the situation: Ive been on a kick to upgrade and clean up my AV recently, and finally mounted my TV on the wall to reduce clutter. Somehow this made the audio from the TVs speakers go from bad to worse, so I went looking for a relatively inexpensive way to improve the sound. After much research, I decided to go with a JVC soundbar, and while it's good, I'm not sure it's the right solution for me. It's just a little too bulky for the way I have my tv mounted (above my fireplace) and it is actually far more speaker than I need. So I'm looking for an alternative. Here's what I think I need;

2.0 or 2.1 system

Very compact speakers (like Bose Companion style)

Support for multiple inputs, ideally one optical

Wireless sub (or no sub)

Small overall size and minimal cables

$200 or less

I use this system to watch tv/movies, play games and listen to both music and radio. My living room is tiny (Brooklyn apartment) and there is only about 12 feet distance from tv to couch so the system doesn't have to be powerful. It does have to be crisp though, since dialog on tv/movies is what needs the most improvement. Tv is mounted on fireplace and there is a mantle to place speakers on. All other AV equipment is in a small cabinet next to the fireplace, and there isn't really room for a sub there but I might be able to figure something out if I really need to get one.

Any suggestions?
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