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I've been trying to work my way through the various threads on different servers and streamers. Not having the energy to completely digest and sort through the plethora of information and comments, I thought I'd try to attack my research more directly.

I'm looking for a content streamer to set up in my bedroom to feed my LCD HDTV via an HDMI output. I'm looking for a streamer that will play the mpeg2-transport stream (.ts or .tp) files that I record in BeyondTV on my server. The media would be transmitted over a wired ethernet connection that I already installed. I'd like the streamer to have the capability to fastforward/rewind the file like a PVR with a remote, preferably with a feature for 30 sec skipping to zip through commercials. HDMI output for combined video/audio is a must since I already hardwired HDMI through wall jacks to the back of the wall-mounted tv for a superclean look with no hanging cables.

Built-in DVD player would be a nice bonus but not a deal-breaker. Ideally would like something that supports 1080p video output to future-proof myself.

Would like something in the ~$300 price range. If it starts getting much more expensive, I'm better off building another HTPC...

Right now, as best as I can tell from my research, my best bet is looking like the forthcoming Netgear eva8000. Is there something like this with those capabilities already on the market?

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