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Must be no more than....

482.60mm (19") wide

800.00mm (31.4") deep

265.913mm (10.469") high* [6RU not inc. feet, which must be movable if impeding mounting]

It'll eventually go into a AV rack sitting underneath my flatscreen TV; which I intend wall mount.

Having rack ears isn't imperative, so long as it conforms to my dimension limits...

I'd prefer a case that exploits depth much closer to the 31.4" limit, so as to get height much lower.

But I don't want height too low, as I might temporarily add a massive gaming card etc. later.


Internal components


Core i3-530 + ATX H57 motherboard (5x PCIe & 2x PCI), therefore IGP (Intel HD)

1x PCI DVB-C card

1x PCI Xonar Essence ST

1x PCIe ST daughter-board (prefer to cut a hole above the ATX I/O plate for it, so precious PCI/e slots aren't used)

1x PCIe Dual Hybrid DVB-T card (can be used at full or low-profile)

up to 3x 3.5" HDD

up to 4x 2.5" SSD (with the right adapters all four can be fit into 2x 3.5" bays)

Which means I'd need 5x 3.5" bays (int, ext, or both), ideally no more so as to keep dimensions down.

I may be prepared to consider as few as 3x 3.5" bays in total, but there'd need to be a strong rationale.

*May eventually add*...

-1x discrete PCIe graphics card

-1x extra PCIe tuner card or other PCIe device

-1x extra PCIe sound-card or other PCIe device

Up to 6 expansion slots + 1 for the H6 (doesn't need a PCI/e slot), so the case must accommodate no less than 7.

Ideally 8 so there's room for a USB3+SATA6G or A/V capture card, but I doubt such a beast exists!

I'd rather not have more than 1x 5.25 bay, somewhat redundant when I only want 1x ODD.

Yes bay converters exist but it's aesthetically unappealing, so the argument would have to be strong.

Ideally the IR receiver (if built-in) must work well with LIRC .

But if not it doesn't matter, as I already have a USB one that does!

Preferably a decent removable card reader is built-in, along with: FW4/800 or eSATA, USB2/3, & HD audio ports.

If the built-in reader's not movable, 1x ext. 3.5" bay may be handy for my smartcard reader.

I'm not a big fan of cases with massive 1080p touch-screens on them...

Exorbitant prices for what -in my opinion- is somewhat of a redundant interface.

One could add a small LCD or Tablet to the mix if they want an auxiliary screen for some reason.

A smaller LCD/VFD is ok but perhaps more redundant, as it's harder to read & less info can be displayed.

But if nicely positioned it does consolidate a case's "Hi-Fi" appearance/aesthetics.

LT I intend to mod the case so I can mount a 240mm rad from a AIO LC system like the Eco 240mm.

It won't be flush with the rear fan/s (don't want warm air passing through), but probably perpendicular to the case's rear face.

My budget limit (inc. post) is about $700 USD, preferably less.

Anyone have a favourite case for the job? Thanks all!

*Actual enclosure height in mm = (44.45 * n) − 7.874

Where 'n' is RU required: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/19-inch_rack

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It sounds like you want a rack-mounted case, right? Some of the nicer HTPC cases with rack-mount ears that I've seen are from Silverstone (LC16 to LC20, CW01 & CW03) and Lian Li (PC-C32 to PC-C39). There's something for everyone in those lines - basic faceplate to small VFD to full bling 7" LCD touchscreen.

FYI, for rackmount server cases, look no further than Norco (RPC-450TH, 4020, or 4220).

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MONEUAL!!!!!! 312B or 320B sweet looking cases..... My next build will probably be one of those or a Lian Li PC C37B... These cases look like high end blu ray players... I do like Silverstone cases as well. I am looking for the highend blu ray look or simple amplifier almost looking cases. IMHO though the Moneual cases are the nicest bang for the buck..

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FWIW, after reading this thread and others, and considering for a long time, I decided on the refurb Thermaltake Bach @ $59.

My HTPC already performs well, it just looks a bit cheesy in a steel LANparty-type case. And it is louder than I would like. I am hoping to drop the idle sound a few Db, and make it look slightly more component-y.

If money was no object, though, the Luxa2 LM300 might do it for me.

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Originally Posted by bottomlessmug /forum/post/18522978

You've covered most of my wish list

How about GMC cases - http://www.gmc.co.kr/english/program...TS&category=12

I also have the Antec Fusion Black on my list and I definitely like the Monoeul 312B. Sweet looking case.

Alas none of the desktop form-factor GMC cases is for an ATX mobo, and all use uncommon PSU formats

But thanks for the suggestion!

Originally Posted by MrDrew /forum/post/18525436

I've got a Russound case that I am using. It uses the same chassis as this case . I don't know if it is available retail, but it's a great case, and it looks like it would fit all of your requirements.

This one might work for you...

I couldn't find the manufacturer called Russound you spoke of.

I found Lifeware's site, but they only sell systems, not cases.

Any idea of the URL for Russound's website?

Unfortunately none of them fit my requirements...

The 1st only accommodates 4 pci/e cards, I'd really need room for 5 or more.

The 2nd case you suggested takes only mATX boards.

But thanks for offering your thoughts!

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Silverstone LC14 or LC17?

The LC17 has spots to put a fan in front of the 3.5" hard drive brackets, which would help keep them cool. Overall, I think it's a decent case layout.

Not sure if the LC14 is built anymore but you can probably find one around. I've had one for likely 5 years now and it's a decent solid case and it looks very nice to boot. The biggest fault is the 60mm rear fans but there is a front fan location and side vents you could mount a fan over instead. And besides, if you go with water cooling that should get around needing much for fans.


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Others have mentioned Silverstone, but I don't think I saw anyone list the LC-13E, which I recently moved my hardware into to fit in a standard A/V rack:

It matches a standard size receiver perfectly, and the front pull-down faceplate hides every single drive/port/connection available from the front. There are a few more pics of my own build in my signature if you're interested.

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Originally Posted by SugarBowl /forum/post/18528032

I like these. Where can you buy the Noblesse AVC-S1 ?

I love the S1 case too (looks like a AV receiver), but GMC keeps pushing the S7 forward since it's their newer case. Check out Auzentech - http://www.auzentech.com/site/products/case.php - they're the official distributors for GMC here in the US.

Both GMC and Auzentech are very responsive over email, so impressed. Auzentech has the S7, but they told me they could ship a single S1 case for 300$.

Hope that helps...
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