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Hi all,

I am currently looking to update from an older pair of Yamaha floor standing mains with a B&W centre to a more integrated front sound stage for home theatre usage.

Currently I have:

Denon 1909 AVR (new)

Yamaha NS-55 Mains

B&W LCR3 Centre

B&W DS3 Surrounds (new)

Yamaha YST-SW320 Sub

I have been looking at the both the B&W 683/684 mains and the Monitor Audio RS6/RS8 mains and associated centres.

I very much liked the Monitor Audio gear despite having seemingly been moving in the B&W direction of late. I want very much to like the B&W 683 with I can get for AUS$2000 or so and fit the bill but listening to the 683 and 684 side by side while the 683 sounded more precise it also sounded less full in the mid-low ranges so I'm not quite sold on it. The monitor audio RS6 sounded very nice but I also heard the GS60 and it was very much a step above even to my ears.

Other options looked at so far have been the focal chorus 816V and the Elac FS127. For the record, I'm located in Western Australia, so my ability to hear too many exotic brands is limited.

My questions are recommendations or pros and cons given my current equipment, and should I jump and pay more for something like the GS series from MA? I'd like to achieve a noticable improvement in sound (both absolutel reproduction and integration across the front and centre) and if that means more money I'll have to save and buy a little later.

In the mean time I've bought a sound meter and plan to measure the frequency responce of all my current speakers just for kicks and to justify my upgrades. :)

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