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Hi, I'm hoping some of you that are infinitely more knowledgeable than me about audio equipment, might be able to offer some recommendations.

I had a house built 2 years ago and knew at some point I wanted whole house audio, so it was prewired. I have 8 zones (that if possible, could be combined to 6 because of their proximity and likely use) that are wired with Speakercraft in ceiling speakers and Cat 5e running to a double gang box. The speakerwire home runs back to the rear of my home theater system in the family room and is not connected there. Driving my home theater, I have an Integra DTR-7.9 which has 2 zones.

For further background, I am not an audiophile at all, and mostly listen to AM radio, although I occasionally listen to music (mainly Pandora). Because of this, I will never have a need for more than 1 source for the rest of the house, and will never have more than 1 zone (or possibly 2 next to each other if there is a party).

My thought was to get an Orb MP-1 player. It is a new product http://new.orb.com/en/music/features.html similar to Sonos that takes any music from your computer (which is always on) as well as Pandora, etc. and streams it wirelessly to whatever the Orb is plugged into. I thought the Orb would be plugged into the Integra receiver and then the zone 2 would be output to .... I don't know. I assume I need some type of switch and/or amp??? I am completely lost there. Also, because I won't use the system very often at all, I am ok with manually doing what I need to, to start it by going over to the Integra. Here is where it gets silly, I would like the have the double gang boxes filled with something that LOOKS nice aesthetically, like a digital keypad or screen. I have seen the Russound KT1-C5 C series amplifier kit as well as the Russound A-6560 controller kit, and also the Nuvo system. I know these are somewhat what I am looking for from a keypad/screen perspective, but don't know if they will work given my other wiring and equipment.

Can anyone offer suggestions as to what would be a good product combination to finish the system, but given the limited use it will get and that I am not an audiophile, be as cost effective as possible?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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